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2023 - The Year of Knowing God - The Exhortation of the Church

Those who do wickedly against the convenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.
                                                          Daniel 11:32
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Philadelphia radio app

The Radio Philadelphia app is now available on Android phones and can be downloaded by pressing the button below, or by searching for the app in Google Play.

On this app you can listen to Radio Philadelphia 24/7, listen to and download recent episodes of "Unde Ești Omule?", check what shows are coming up, read news from the church blog, access church pages more easily, or send a message to the Church.

Download the app now!


The Romanian Pentecostal Christian Church Philadelphia was founded in 1990 by a group of Romanians. The purpose of the church of Philadelphia was and is to serve the needs of the Romanian community in the state of Victoria as well as to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God so that as many Romanians and other ethnicities as possible, to know and receive The Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


Here you can rewatch the programs, sermons, songs and images from the Services held at Philadelphia Church. You can also watch the Philadelphia production show "Where Are You, Man?". Build up your soul and send it to a friend who needs God.

We would be happy if you would watch us live: Sunday from 10AM and 6PM
and Thursday from 6:30 PM

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The Philadelphia Pentecostal Bible Seminary is designed and structured to meet the needs of theoretical and practical theological training of the future minister in our Churches.


You can watch us LIVE at these times

  • Youtube
  • Facebook

Sunday    | 10AM & 6PM

Thursday | 7PM

The Lord's Supper program begins at 9:30am

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