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Brothers and sisters,

The Committee of the Church, meeting in a Session on 11/01/2022, discussed and established the following:

1. On Sunday 16/01, at 10am, the elective General Meeting (pre-elections) will take place;

2. The elective GM was convened in accordance with the Legislation of our Organization and Functioning of the Church (ART. 18);

3. If we are not 2/3 of the number of members with the right to vote, a new elective GM will be announced, according to the ART. 65.

4. The Church Committee has established that on Sunday 16/1, at 10am, the Activity Reports for the years 2019 - 2020 will be presented; 2020-2021:

Secretary, Treasurer, Censors, Administrator, Assistant Pastor Report, Senior Pastor Report.

This decision to present the Reports was discussed and established in the Committee Meeting of August 2021 and was announced in a Service of the Church in 2021.

5. On the notice board at the Church entrance, there is posted the announcement regarding the agenda of the elective GM, including the presentation of the Financial, Administrative and Spiritual Reports.

Thank you for your understanding and please attend

Elective GM on Sunday 16/01/2022.


Pastor Gabi Izsak

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