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Dear brothers and sisters,

The Committee of the Philadelphia Church discussed in a meeting on 26/10 issues related to the possibility of resuming the services taking into account the restrictions made by the Victorian Government.

It was mentioned in the discussions that there are quite a lot of members and even families infected with COVID-19 in our Church, and the resumption of services could cause the virus to spread among other members of the Church and the community, thus becoming a source of infection, which would be serious and have undesirable consequences.

Following discussions, the Philadelphia Committee decided the following:

1. The services in the period 28/10 until 07/11 will be only ONLINE, without the participation of the members in the worship hall of the Church (only those who are necessary for the online service will participate);


2. The communion with the Lord's Supper on 07/11, is postponed for another Sunday which will be announced in advance in order to prepare the members.

We specify that these decisions were made responsibly given the unity and protection/health of all members of our Church.

Brothers and sisters, we call on you to pray before the Lord both for those infected and affected by this disease, for the protection of the families of the Philadelphia, and to overcome this period.

Philadelphia Comitee

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